Camping in the Alberta Prairies

Historically, recreational camping can be traced back to a British travelling tailor by the name of Hiram Holding in the late 1800’s. Cunningham’s camp, near Douglas, Isle of Man, opened in 1894 and is noted as possibly being the first commercial campground. Fast forward 100 plus years.

Is camping a thing of the past?

For some, camping is a dirty word, connected to the ground that for some, they just can’t seem to fathom or sleep on. But camping has come a long way. It provides benefits that are much needed, now more than ever. Nowadays, camping is the most economical, quickest and easiest leisure family getaway that can make you a whole new person, unlike any hotel vacation ever could.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Today’s demands have us feeling like an overloaded switchboard of the 1950’s. Families are so programmed and hardwired into apps to keep them running smoothly. But for many of us it feels more like being plugged in and on auto pilot. With all the reminders of what you need to do next or where you must be at what time, it can all be more than a little draining?

Camping affords us the opportunity to detach all those demands and just breathe. We have 5 senses, but most often, we’re lucky if we are running on all cylinders. Getting away from all the stress to decompress can be as easy as a peaceful 45-minute drive. You can already feel the decompression beginning as the lights, horns and traffic start to thin during your drive out to the country. If possible, leave all your electronic devices at home. It’s the only true way you will successfully decompress and rediscover those 5 senses. Remember, disconnect to reconnect!

Camping Benefits – Communing with Nature and Family

Well for starters, now that you’ve left all those electronic devices that remind you what to do and when to do them; don’t look now but you are a free thinker again. You’re feeling more relaxed than when you started out on your little camping get-away. Wide open skies, tall lush trees swaying in a gentle breeze, scenery, nature. You and your family are communicating verbally again, and better yet, there are real smiles, not emoticons in a text.

Have Tin Foil Will Travel

Did you ever wonder why food tastes better cooked over an open flame in the outdoors? It’s hard to say whether it’s the fresh air or the ease of putting together some simple ingredients wrapped in foil, creating a beautiful meal to enjoy with your favorite beverage. Feel the stress just dissipating as you relax! Sharing food and conversation have been the foundation of families for centuries. Yet, few of us have a daily family meal anymore.

Starry, Starry Night

Now that you’re good and relaxed, well fed, and perhaps you’ve managed to get in a much-needed nap, you’re now feeling quite refreshed. Well you and your family will have some incredible night shows to embed in your memory banks. There’s nothing like an Alberta prairie twilight sky. Stars that seem closer and brighter than when your back home. You’ll be picking out the milky way and exercising your brain power on the constellations. With binoculars, you can see the smile on the man in the moon. Not to mention depending on what time of the year you are camping, you can see some spectacular rainbows of colour and sometimes the famed aurora borealis.

Getting away, doing something as simple as taking a camping weekend can work wonders on bringing family and friends closer together. Whether it’s creating new bonds or reinforcing existing ones; spending quality time, creating those precious memories that all of you can treasure.

Whatever your reason for getting away; camping at Aspen Crossing will prove your most train-tastic experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book directly online, you’ll feel better as soon as your booked!

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