Channelling Feelings of Isolation During COVID 19

For many of us, it’s been a month or more since we have been out and about. Visiting with family and friends. Doing the things we love most. Enjoying freedom. Right now, there is an extremely high price on that freedom. One we could never have imagined.

The New Virtual World

It’s hard to think about a world without our virtual connections. Without it, things would be far more troubling and that much harder to deal with. Remember Anne Frank? With only a diary to write in, as Anne and her family lived in cramped quarters in hiding for over two years. Yes, we could certainly have a harder time of it.

Virtual museum tours, cooking classes, music jam sessions, art classes, sewing clubs, photography classes, and the list goes on. Just Google what you’re interested in to get your interest sparked to do what you want to try out. There’s no better time like the present.

Thankfully, we are in the safety and sanctity of our homes. Connected to family and friends and the entire world by virtual means.

The Whole World at Our Fingertips

With the global shutdown of museums and art galleries, many of them have opened up to the public by virtual connection. Giving us a glimpse of the grandeur while sharing the appreciation of the arts. All from the comfort of home. There’s also a great list of galleries in Canada to enjoy as well.

It’s a great way to experience and share culture as family fun time. You might want to blend these sessions with choosing a favorite food type and recreating new recipes from around the globe. Dining Out while staying in, has become a wide trend that has people savoring every bite!

Of course, sometimes food just tastes better when someone else creates the feast. Many local restaurants have had to reinvent their dining out experience by creating Take Out. Many of these establishments are also giving back as much as they can for Foodbanks, Kids Lunch Programs, and our frontline heroes! So, if you do have that urge to order in, Canadians are being encouraged to join in for Take Out Wednesdays as a way of supporting local restaurants. As the saying goes, charity begins at home.

Drive by Celebrations

Birthdays. The one day a year that means so much and so many different things, depending on the year celebrated. For many of us, it’s celebrating with family and friends, but right now, unless you currently all live under one roof, those gatherings are off limits. For young children, birthdays are supposed to be a big deal. But not this year. Seniors that need to celebrate life and its milestones, but not this year.

Calgary firefighters are offering Drive-By Birthdays for kids and seniors. David Bell-CBC

Well thanks to some very special superheroes, police and fire departments have initiated a Drive-By-Birthday program, much to the delight of those children and Seniors alike. Now that’s cool! Those kids will be saying to their grandchildren, I remember the year when . . .

It’s a Strange World We Live In

There's no manual or playbook for keeping it together while the world is in lockdown. But, it's important to acknowledge our feelings and know that we are not alone. It’s just as important to maintain mental health as it is for our physical health. There is help available. So reach out, you're not alone!

It's also important to reach out, or check in with family and friends. They may be needing it now more than ever. We're all in this together and together, we will get through this!

Be Kind, Remember to Smile

So remember to be kind, especially to yourself. Do things that make you happy. As the song goes, smile and the whole world smiles with you!

It’s odd in a way, to realize that many of us have found a new routine to life, one we hope will only be temporary. Yet in many ways, it’s brought fresh perspectives to us that we might have continued to overlook.

While it’s been strange times with many challenges, it’s also comforting to see the whole world coming together by staying apart. It really is a small world after all.

There's been so many good stories being shared right now. If you haven't seen the weekly episodes of, Some Good News series created by John Krasinski, then you're in for an uplifting experience. After all, we all can use #SomeGoodNews!

Meanwhile, Back at Aspen Crossing

For us here at Aspen Crossing, we’re grateful for the many experiences we’ve been able to share, while helping to create new treasured memories.

We look forward to when we can hit the rails again, bringing joy and laughter in the precious moments that become a part of so many stories. Those, Remember that time when . . . until then, we’ll travel tomorrow. Take Care and remember, better days are ahead. :)

For more information about this entertainment destination, visit our website at or give us a call at 1-866-440-3500.

Aspen Crossing is located 45 mins. SE of Calgary on Hwy 24.

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