How a Rural Alberta Tourism Destination is Adapting During COVID 19

Adapting to Change To Help Plank the Curve

“Tourism is more than just a business sector; it’s an economic driver that crosses multiple industries and supports growth in myriad ways. The visitor economy refers to the widespread and often unseen benefits to Alberta by dollars spent by travellers.”

The most recent Alberta Tourism figures from Travel Alberta show $8.9 billion in 2017, representing a growth of almost five per cent year-over-year.

The impacts to the Tourism Industry around the globe will be felt, no doubt for quite some time in the future. This hurts all of us. For now, we'll have to travel tomorrow.

We’re all In This Together

Our fervent belief is that like in all challenges, we shall overcome. By keeping our physical distance, we show solidarity in the fight against this global pandemic. We are all united with one singular purpose, to flatten the curve.

To say that superheroes do not all come with a Cape, would be an understatement. We have learned an ounce of humility in realizing the true superheroes, are the ones in the front lines working in hospitals from the custodial staff on through to all health care professionals.

Truck drivers, away from their loved ones and rolling along the highways to ensure that those of us here at home, will still have the essentials needed to sustain us. Those working in the grocery stores and many, many others.

The campground at Aspen crossing is open to truckers needing a place to stop and refresh and rejuvenate for the many miles they've yet to travel, in order to deliver product's needed not only in grocery stores but medical supplies as well. They need our support in order to continue to support all of us.

Every day there are new sorrows faced by the numbers reported by Canada Health Services the losses are staggering. Our hearts go out to those families that have lost their loved ones and were not able to be with them. To say our lives will be unchanged is an understatement. We have yet to feel the full impact of this challenging pandemic.

What We’re Doing on the Homefront

Currently we have pushed back all our train excursions until June, with the hope that we can resume in that month, but only time will tell if that should become a reality. When we do resume, we are ready to share and create new treasured memories. Now more than ever, those are the times that will be more poignant to all of us.

The unfortunate reality that we do know is that, the worst is yet to be, and we must stay strong in the face of these overwhelming challenges, because we will win and life will be better. Throughout the past few weeks, we have learned that the human spirit cannot be broken.

Many of our friends in the tourism industry and many of our colleagues have found new ways to contribute in the face of these challenging times.

People like Neil Zeller from Neil Zeller Photography have taken the opportunity to make something beautiful from our mandated isolation. Portraits, renamed Porchraits, is a wonderful story of how one local photographer has been capturing families throughout Calgary, gathered on their porches, balconies, etc., as he has taken their photo of them living physical distancing. We are proud to call this famed Calgary photographer, our friend.

After a week’s worth of efforts, Neil posted this image on his Facebook page with the following words, “Here’s one image that summed up a week of Porchraits of families following protocols of physical distancing. safely photographing isolated families at their doorstep. It's called Porchraits. It's been a heartwarming project.” It truly is a heartwarming image!

Many other photographers throughout Canada have done the same, to document if you will, the strength of family and solidarity. The importance of protecting others as well as themselves as they follow the mandated protocols of physical distancing, during this world changing pandemic. All these efforts are capturing the indomitable spirit of Canadians and their commitment to “planking the curve”.

Aspen Crossing - A Rural Tourism Gem

Here at Aspen Crossing, we have followed up with our local Alberta Health Inspector to ensure we are meeting and or exceeding all AHS requirements mandated to ensure public safety within the premises, and at our campground.

"Camping provides families with a way to isolate themselves from others and to prevent spreading the virus without the stress of having to stay cooped up inside for days."

It’s an opportunity for families to escape if only briefly, for some fresh air in wide open spaces.

Anything needed like host assistance or take out from the Tavern will be done through texting (instructions and menus in welcome packages).

The staff at the Bergquist Tavern have also been baking up some wonderful treats that can be delivered to campers on site.

We also offer grocery drop off service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. An order sheet can be found in welcome packages or requested via email prior to arrival. Groceries must be ordered 24 hours in advance of delivery date.

We have partnered with the Mossleigh Bar & Grill to help add items to a grocery list of items available to the local community.

In additon, our Gift Store now carries hand sanitizer made by Burwood Distillery as well as Disinfectant Spray made by Liv Life Livery Farm.

Gifts Always Bring a Smile

Our staff has worked tirelessly to add our gift store online, as well as offering Gift Boxes that can also be shipped across Canada. They can be customized, or a great surprise! Orders can be placed for curbside pick up at our Retail Store.

Staff filling orders are washing their hands on the hour and sanitizing before touching merchandise. Any staff with any sign of illness is to remain at home until symptoms completely disappear.

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."—Robert H. Schuller

We’ve had the privilege of being a venue for many family celebrations and friends gathering over the past 15 years, creating those treasured memories. Memories that become dearer with each passing day. What we do know is that there will be an end to this pandemic. We believe the world will be a much kinder, more thoughtful, more caring and sharing environment. The human spirit demonstrates that every day. We just have to appreciate the little things!

Aspen Crossing appreciates all of you, our loyal supporters and look forward to when we can all be together again, celebrating life, creating those treasured memories, while embracing life’s journey!

For more information about this entertainment destination, visit our website at or give us a call at 1-866-440-3500.

Aspen Crossing is located 45 mins. SE of Calgary on Hwy 24.

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