COVID 19 – A Global Challenge That Hits Home

We Are All in This Together

The news is dire, this is not a movie about speculation. It’s real. It’s here and it’s now.

For most of the world, people are coming together by staying apart. Finding a focus with their families, trying to find a new norm without panicking.

It’s probably the greatest challenge that mankind has or ever will know. We all want our lives back, before COVID 19 had a name, before fear become a moment to moment fact of our lives. But in reality, nothing will ever be like before. There’s going to be a lot of changes and some of them global and many personal. We may just discover what truly matters most to us all, in our own ways.

On the Home Front

Aspen Crossing and its staff have been grappling with the daily, almost hourly changes, while still trying to remain open for business. To have some stability that it can share with its guests and visitors. Observing all the mandated laws and requirements, while staying strong together.

Government campgrounds have closed in early March due to financial reasons. Most of them are extremely close in proximity, open without seclusion or privacy.

Aspen Crossing opened its campground early this year, on March 20th. Many of you were happy to hear there was an opportunity to practice safe distancing, while still having the opportunity to escape the fear we’re all faced with. Some of you didn’t take well to this opportunity. The negative feedback and comments were still far less than the positive ones.

We welcome anyone looking to relieve some stress while still practicing Alberta Health Services requests. You will have to follow the new protocols, but they will make sure we all stay safe and have fun.

Social Spacing – Embracing a New Distance

The campsites here are well spaced and well treed. With over 100 campsites available, campers need not worry about social distancing. In fact, campers can be well spaced and staggered in every other campsite to ensure extra space, for a safe environment. But that’s not necessary, due to the well planned layout of the campsites here. We are making social distancing and outdoor isolation easy.

Complimentary walking sticks that you can keep, all pre-measured at 2 metres, will make sure we all stay safe and have fun.

Maintaining Health Under Stress

The health benefits of getting out of the city or just away for a few days is a positive one for many families. This is not group socializing, it’s families trying to have a break in order to provide themselves with a sense of calm during this unprecedented global health challenge. Private campgrounds provide a healthy and safe environment.

Our Alberta Health Inspector paid a visit on March 19th, reviewing all our procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of our staff and visitors. We not only met all requirements but also exceeded in many areas. This gave us the confidence to move forward with opening the campground earlier than usual.

We’re All in This Together

The premier has stated that we may be practicing precautions for at least another 30 days. Wow! Find comfort in the fact that this site - @borntobeadventurous, has month long activity sheets. You can pick activities everyday to help keep your sanity and let them have some fun. Be sure to add in proper social distancing but all of them can be done. It’s important to have fun, stay safe and give yourself a break.

We’ve also put out the Welcome Mat, to those in the trucking industry. They are one of many unsung heroes during this time. Out there, away from their loved ones and, in some areas, being denied a safe place to pull up & rest and refresh! Hot meals in a safe environment, and clean shower facilities. A place to get out and stretch for a spell in wide open spaces for some much needed respite and fresh air! Our doors and our hearts are open here as a safe haven when needed! Remember to thank a trucker and appreciate how those groceries got to the stores the next time you shop.

Yes, we’re a business, but our whole focus has and always will be, providing a safe, happy place where families can create those very precious, treasured memories. Whether it’s in our campground, dining car, tavern or our various train excursions.

Aspen Crossing is taking into consideration the seriousness of the situation but also believe that we do not have to hide indoors every day, all day. We need to remain in the world and part of it but with precautions, sensibilities and due diligence. With the above-mentioned practices in place here at Aspen Crossing we look forward to continuing to serve you and our staff.

Stay safe, stay healthy but most of all take this time to keep creating those very special treasured memories. We look forward to the privilege in playing a part in them in better times ahead!

Aspen Crossing is located 45 mins. SE of Calgary on Hwy 24. For more information about what is available and things to do, visit our website at or give us a call at 1-866-440-3500

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