The Twilight Tour - prairie twilight in all its splendour!

Come see why photographers love to capture the prairie twilight in all its splendour! This excursion is a great way to escape and wind down with the living landscape that is the Alberta prairies. This is the ultimate date night tour!

Time to get onboard for a prairie Twilight Tour, where previous passengers have experienced a blood moon, blue moon, a harvest moon, easily picked out the big and little dipper, and marvelled at the Aurora Borealis.

Finding the North Star known as Polaris and of course the Brightest Star, known as Sirius; definitely not your FM radio dial. But it may be just the journey to get you re-aligned with the stars!

Includes: Live Music, Train Robbery Departs at 7pm - approx. 3 hrs Adults: $75.99 Children: $39.99 - 25 Months - 14 yrs. Toddlers, 23 Months and under, are free.

There are drink and food options available for purchase. If you would like a full dinner, reserve your spot to dine in the buffet car ($19.99/person) aboard the Twilight Tour. Children 12 Yrs. To 5 Yrs. – 1/2 price, under 5 Yrs. $1.00/year.

To reserve for the buffet aboard the Twilight Tour or for any question about food options call 1(866)440-3500.


Celestial Prairies Skies

“Stars and planets fill our night sky, yet many of us never take the time to observe them. Simply looking at the vast expanse of the universe can open up your perception of reality and calm your soul.”

A morning sunrise is always thought as the best way to start out our days, but an evening sunset allows us the quiet contemplation of our hectic lives.

Sun-Sational Settings

There is something enchanting about a changing evening sky. Too often, we don’t take the time to watch as vibrant luminous colours appear with a setting sun. Shades of magenta, gold, purples and pink, blending with the day’s blue hues, sometimes intermingled with puffs of white. Almost as if Mother Nature was painting just for you.

It’s a time of reflection and appreciation that in today’s hectic world is too often taken for granted or missed entirely. Watching a sunset is not reserved for vacations once a year. Summer time signals long days with sultry evenings. Full of promises of a new day and the mysteries of the evening that lies ahead.

Stellar Fascination

There are 36 dark sky preserves in the world and Canada leads with 19 of them. Jasper is known as the second largest astronomy park on Earth. Why? Because there’s no obstructions.

Out in the Alberta prairies, there are absolutely no obstructions. Just pure prairie summer majestic nights.

Over the past few years, passengers aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway, Twilight Tour, have been able to experience a truly stellar evening with a chance to take that much needed deep breath and just relax while marvelling at the never-ending scenery that is in fact, quite rare.


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