A Cuppa Rail Tea Tradition

Everyone associates High Tea with English traditions, but do you know how far back it dates or where the idea originally stems from?

A Portuguese Introduction

It was Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess that inspired tea time as a fashionable event,

back in the 16th century. Upon her arrival by sea, she requested a cup of tea to help calm her after her long voyage to England. It was Catherine that inspired afternoon tea to the English court.

Special Tea

For hundreds of years tea has been a soothing tonic both medicinally and emotionally. Believed to have been used for the first time by the Chinese Emperor Shen-Nong in 2737BC. The history of tea is "intertwined with botany and herbal medicine.” The Chang dynasty is reportedly the first to use tea for its restorative benefits. Refreshing, comforting, and stimulating with some very beneficial antioxidants!

Since then tea from China has been hailed for tea’s curative benefits while becoming a staple in our lives.

Today’s Tea Social

Today's tea drinkers are a young generation estimated to be 87% of millennials have come to appreciate not only the benefits, but also spurring on demand for high quality variations to satisfy their adventurous taste buds from herbal, green and fruit flavoured teas.

Today's lifestyle is supposed to be easier with all the technological advances yet, anxiety and stress have never been at such an all time high. The drinking of tea has such a calming effect not only to the body but to the mind so greatly appreciated by todays generation.

Specialty shops and Tea Sommeliers are bringing a whole new perspective of a wide variety of teas which they've found to be an elevating experience.

A Rail Special-Tea Journey

While the term High Tea originated from the fact that it was enjoyed from tall stools, the experience of fancy finger sandwiches, fresh baked scones, clotted cream and jams with additional tantalizing treats has made the overall tea experience one that is a delectable hob nob tradition to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends.

The Aspen Crossing Railway is once again proud to present this elegant past time featuring today's favourite teas.

It's the perfect venue on track for a special-tea celebration to begin Mother's Day weekend. There are 4 additional dates to choose from. Starting May 11th, May 25th, June 8th, September 14th and September 21st. In addition, you'll enjoy live musical entertainment. But don't be surprised if your tranquili-tea is disrupted by nefarious train robbers!

To book your elegant rail experience click here or call 1(866)440-3500!

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