Southern Alberta Music Festival – A Stars® Air Ambulance Benefit

For the past 5 years, Aspen Crossing has hosted the Southern Alberta Music Festival. With over 20 local performers, coming together to share their talents. Most of whom have grown professionally, yet always making the time to come back each year, to support this STARS® Air Ambulance benefit.

Supporting STARS® and the life-saving service it provides in our community

Since 1985, more than 33,000 missions have been carried out.

Why is it so important to everyone? Because it’s the difference between life and death. Ultimately it is about the time it takes to get a critical patient expedient medical care. Together we can all help while enjoying some of Alberta’s brightest stars performing for STARS® Air Ambulance!

“If you are sitting on the fence about supporting STARS, don’t. You never know when it’s your turn.”

Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service

It was 32 years ago when “a young mother who died en route to the hospital because of the time it took to transport her by ground from her rural home . . .” The then attending physician, having experienced MASH units in Vietnam, realized that those lifesaving chopper transports were desperately needed in rural Alberta. Dr. Gregory Powell was supported with his early endeavors by the Calgary Lions Club.

In December of 1985, a white BK117 made its first flight with a banner on its side, named the Lions Air Ambulance Service. That mission transported a critically ill infant to a Calgary hospital.

Since then, STARS® Alberta has flown 1,529 missions during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. This includes Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie bases with some missions included from some BC communities.

Let’s look at some local areas and how STARS® have benefitted our local community needs directly through number of missions:

Aldersyde - 1

Arrowwood - 2

Blackie - 3

Carseland - 4

Chestermere - 3

Gleichen - 7

High River - 11

Nanton - 5

Mossleigh - 1

Okotoks - 3

Strathmore - 18

Vulcan - 9

Why Fly?

  • “The more quickly a patient receives treatment, the much better their recovery. Timely treatment of stroke, heart attacks or brain injuries can save more than $1 million per patient.”

  • “The economic benefits of helicopter ambulance missions are six times higher than the costs.Patients transported by helicopter ambulance are more likely to survive than those transported by ground ambulance, even though they are more severely injured.”

Here are some interesting notes about STARS® and their expanded capabilities, thanks to fundraising!

  • “In 2003, STARS became the first civilian air carrier to use NVG technology in Canada. STARS continues to employ this cutting-edge technology to enable safer flights for our crews.”

  • “The mountains west of Calgary, for example, are 11,000 to 12,000 feet high and were previously inaccessible for emergency response by our teams due to night flight restrictions within mountainous terrain. Now, with NVGs, STARS has special permission to venture into this rugged territory on carefully pre-planned routes that are programmed into the aircraft GPS.”

  • “Flight crews at all six STARS bases are trained in the use of NVGs and employ this technology on a regular basis during night operations.”

Sean Craigen – a STARS VIP, (Very Important Patient); is lucky enough to point out to all of us,

“If it were a perfect world we wouldn’t need STARS.

STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

So, what are you waiting for? Show your support for STARS at the 5th Annual Southern Alberta Music Festival!

All proceeds go to STARS Air Ambulance!



Get together with friends and enjoy two days of Southern Alberta’s hottest live music!

Kick back and relax while you listen to a variety of country, blues, folk and good old fashioned rock n’ roll. While at the music festival explore different vendors, relish a delicious meal from one of the concessions or unwind in the beer gardens.

Don’t Delay – Click Here and Book Today!

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