Under the Big Top

It’s been known as the 'Greatest Show on Earth'. This past May 21, 2017 after 146 years, Ringley Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus has come to an end. Known as the oldest running circus, it brought laughter, joy, enlightenment and entertainment to audiences that might not otherwise have had the opportunity of experiencing.

The Circus Begins

Some say the Circus dates back to Roman times, while others argue it was merely a preview to a racetrack. According to Circopedia, the circus as we know it today, was created by Englishman, Philip Astley, who happened to be a talented horseman. He’s credited with being the 'father' of the modern circus when he opened the first circus in 1768 in England. Astley included additional acts that were performed in between his equestrian tricks within an amphitheatre setting.

From Wagon Trains to Railways

By 1793 the early circus had arrived. There were many small circus forms of entertainment that would travel to small towns, which often gave the locals the only entertainment they had all year.

Once the railroads arrived, these travelling shows now had broader areas with much easier modes of transporting their animal acts and performers. Of course, one very special circus performer, Jumbo the elephant had his own “palace rail car” decorated in crimson and gold.

Aspen Crossing pays tribute to the word’s most beloved elephant, with a game that children of all ages have been enjoying. “Where’s the Golden Elephant?”

A Rail Circus Train

Going into our third season, the Aspen Crossing Railway Circus Extravaganza just keeps getting better. There is plenty of fun and antics to please the child in everyone from 1 to 99!

With face painting, interactive games, music, exploring the train from car to car. Of course, anyone that has a sweet tooth will be in sugar heaven when they reach the Candy Caboose! All the treats you’d expect at a circus!

That’s Entertainment!

Once again, Aspen Crossing Railway proudly welcomes back, Trixtan Entertainment. These very bright and talented entertainers led by their phenomenal leader Tristan, will have you spellbound. Their animal creations are a favorite for young and old alike! Characters come to life as balloon sculptures, right before your very eyes.

Musical entertainment is part of the fun where passengers can perform lead or just sing along with the musical performers onboard.

A train robbery shakes things up a bit, and has everyone laughing. Look for the Most Wanted posters so you can recognize these two desperate bandits. Note: the robbery is by donation only, funds are applied to a local charity.

Join us every Wednesday between July and August to experience a part of the 'Greatest Show on Earth' aboard our Circus Train Extravaganza! Get your tickets today!

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