Meals in The Field Train Tour - Celebrating a Culinary Experience

Join us aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway as we celebrate our railway ties, and remind ourselves about the importance of doing ordinary things, like having a well packed picnic on the land that provided the ingredients!

The Family Food Connection

Inspired by our prairie ancestors when farm families would gather in the field to enjoy a hearty meal, our Meals in the Field train excursion pays homage to our farmers and their families. But more importantly, to the legacy our ancestors provided.

“The land, like its people, tell us stories, if we allow ourselves to listen.”

An Homage to Eating Local

One of the many things associated with Alberta is the fact that we are a major food producing province. And if you are any kind of foodie at all, you’ll know that Alberta takes great pride in showcasing their culinary palate.

From Cook it Raw Alberta, Alberta Food Tours and City Palate to name a few. All have the single purpose of sharing with the world, our 7 signature foods such as: bison, beef, canola, Saskatoon berries, red fife wheat, honey and root vegetables. “That’s why Alberta is emerging globally as a must-eat food travel destination.”

Alberta’s culinary bounty is being showcased proudly through culinary travel experiences. But when we look back and think about it, the simple basics of people sharing food go back to the beginning of time. We seem to be reconnecting our souls by socialization done over, what else, a great meal!

The Rail Food Connection

They say that one man’s doom is another man’s bloom … well maybe not quite in those words, but essentially that is the case when it came to horticulture, the railways and how the prairies came to be settled. About 80% of Canada's farmland is in the Prairie provinces.

Captain John Palliser was a geographer that declared the Canadian prairies as nothing more than a desert, “which can never be expected to become occupied by settlers.” CPR had to undo this bad impression and it was in 1900 that a farmer/CPR claims adjuster, David Hysop, wrote a letter to William Whyte, the superintendent of the western lines at that time. Hysop wrote to Whyte, stating that the CPR stations should, “grow flowers and vegetables”, demonstrating that the land was not desert buffalo fodder but rather quite the opposite, the land was very fertile. That’s why to this day every major town and city has a park where a former CPR garden once welcomed our early immigrant settlers. As the saying goes, “the rest is history!”

This year, as we celebrate Canada 150 we seem to be looking back over the years to our roots. Our ancestors that came to a new land, but kept their heritage, traditions and passed on a very diverse and rich legacy we have come to know and appreciate today!

Ancestors that arrived by railroads that connected our great country, we now see a number of cultural restaurants within many small towns, using local ingredients.

Celebrating a Culinary Experience

“An increasing number of chefs - at home and in restaurants - are demanding high quality ingredients and are delighted to find them right here in Alberta. At the same time, consumers understand the importance of eating locally and they like to know where their food comes from.”

Alberta’s terroir is unique; our people make it better.”

“People are really interested in finding sustainable food locally grown,” “It’s not even a fad anymore. It’s ingrained in how people shop and eat.” Alberta Chefs – Farm to Table

Meals in the Field Harken back to simpler times, when families could spend time together doing ordinary things, like having a picnic. This train excursion is all about that special quality time we need to share with family and friends. Enjoy a specially prepared picnic in the heart of the prairies. Musical entertainment and a good old fashioned train robbery rounds out this step back in time experience!

Includes: Picnic Lunch, Live Music, Train Robbery Departs at 11am - approx. 3.5 hrs

Adults: $109.99 Children: $55.99 - 25 Months - 14 yrs.

Click here for dates and details!

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