Twilight Tour - The Enchantment of Prairie Skies

What the Twilight Train Tour really has to offer...

You’ve probably heard it many times before, that an Alberta sky is something of a wonder in daytime but as evening approaches, Mother Nature is just getting into her colour palette ready to paint some of the most majestic scenes that will have you spellbound.

“I have to admit, I didn’t go into the prairies with big expectations. Thousands of kilometres of flat farmland… what’s so exciting about that? But not once had anyone ever told me about the prairie skies.”

The Magical Wonder of Big Skies

It’s been said that Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. As well as being one of the most geographically diverse provinces.

“From the rolling prairies of the east to the jagged snow-capped Rocky Mountains in the west, from the boreal forests of the north to the near-desert-like badlands in the south, Alberta is a visual feast.”

In 2007, the prairies were part of Canada’s Top 7 Wonders put together by CBC.

You’ll never feel corralled in when you’re in Alberta. That’s why it’s essential to have transportation if you’re wanting to explore beyond the city limits. And there are certainly a diverse number of rural tourism gems to be seen!

Prairie Night Skies

“William Francis Butler was a military officer during the first Riel Rebellion. In his book The Great Lone Land (1872), he described the prairie skies and landscape as follows:”

“No ocean of water in the world can vie with its gorgeous sunsets; no solitude can equal the loneliness of a night-shadowed prairie: one feels the stillness, and hears the silence, the wail of the prowling wolf makes the voice of solitude audible, the stars look down through infinite silence upon a silence almost as intense… One saw here the world as it had taken shape and form from the hands of the Creator. Nor did the scene look less beautiful because nature alone tilled the earth, and the unaided sun brought forth the flowers.”

It doesn’t require any imagination to sense and experience what William Francis Butler wrote about over 145 years ago.

Captured Twilight Serenity

Photographers from all over the world have tried to capture that one singular essence of a prairie sky, but try as they might, every evening, Mother Nature presents a new challenge.

Aspen Crossing has had the pleasure of hosting several photographers that have been gracious enough to share their efforts in capturing a prairie twilight sky, including a very dear friend, Neil Zeller from Neil Zeller Photography.

And when we look at the colours in a photo randomly taken by one of our staff team members that fell in love with this particular twilight sky, it’s not hard to feel yourself wrapped in the serenity and all that it tries to convey to your spirit.

Join us aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway on the Twilight Tour as we journey through some of the prairie’s most revered landscapes! Come see why photographers love to capture the prairie twilight in all its splendour! This excursion is a great way to escape and wind down with the living landscape that is the Alberta prairies.

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