Champagne Traditions, Journeys and Embracing New Travel Experiences!

Have you ever wondered why Champagne is always linked to special celebrations and occasions?

The tradition dates as far back as 496 AD in the days of Christianity before the Middle Ages. Wine was used to celebrate the Eucharist, where vineyards were a part of the monastery. A particular region was the Champagne vineyards. The very first King of France was baptized on Christmas day in the same year in the Reims Cathedral.

After that, as they say, the rest is history! In fact, by the 12th century Champagne and its reputation had spread beyond the national borders. And, by the 18th century, Champagne was so well coveted that it was a distinct symbol of the wealthy. Whether it was royalty, heads of state or the ultra rich; Champagne always bubbled into the festivities to mark the occasion. Champagne has presided after important treaty signings, and various historical moments across the globe.

That’s why, to this day, we use Champagne as a way to celebrate a new engagement, birth, or marriage; to launching a ship and in our case, here at Aspen Crossing, to celebrate our very own inaugural run of the Aspen Crossing Railway on May 15th, 2015!

Now entering our third train season, Aspen Crossing Railway has gone from 8 themed train excursions to over 11. One of our new train excursions is a Champagne Brunch that was added last season and is still proving to be a big hit with travellers!

After all, what could be better on a Sunday than a nice sleep in, followed by a short scenic drive through some of Alberta’s most stunning county landscapes, in order to settle in with family and friends for a fabulous buffet brunch, paired with none other than, Champagne Mimosa’s!

Aside from the usual brunch menu items such as, eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, muffins, buns, fresh fruits, desserts and varying hot items; you’ll get the opportunity to just simply relax! A chance to reconnect with those you love. An interlude away from everyday life, while enjoying a leisurely train journey that will have you thinking about the beautiful simplicity away from the weekly grind!

Warning! Your peaceful idyll, just might, be interrupted long enough to be a part of a wild west train robbery! They will try to take advantage of your relaxed state, in order to rob you!

Starting May 7th with our opening of the Aspen Crossing Railway season, we thought it only fitting to start our 2017 train season with a hearty brunch shared with family and friends. So why don’t you join us and embrace an experience that will have you looking forward to your next train excursion!

You’ll finally come to understand, “that it’s not about the destination…it’s all about the journey!”

The Aspen Crossing Railway’s Sunday Champagne Brunch Train will run most Sundays, please visit our website for available dates and times. You can book directly online or call us toll free and we’ll be happy to assist you with your travel experience!

Come Celebrate Our Railway Ties!

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