The Aspen Crossing Family Tribute

Meet Donna Biggar, Aspen Crossing’s General Manager extraordinaire. While she is not our Mother, Donna has brought together an incredible team of staff members that have all come together as one great big happy family!

For over 13 years now, Donna is and has been the kinetic energy force in the expansion process of Aspen Crossing.

Humble Beginnings

Having started with the tree farm and nursery, Donna’s love of plants translated into 13 years of creating annual Mother’s Day weekend events. 2017 marks the 14th Annual 2 for 1 Hanging basket sale. It’s as if Mother Nature herself knows, this is the weekend to mark the beginning of great weather for gardeners to begin creating their garden sanctuaries.

People within a 100-mile radius come every year to take part in this event. Perusing the unique garden accessories from Fairy Gardens to Cinderella carriages. It’s always a stunning showcase set in both greenhouses.

An Annual Season Event

Beginning in mid to late February Donna and her happy planters get right into the dirt and painstakingly, with attention to what the finished baskets will look like in full bloom, ensure that each creation is a stunning tribute to Mother Nature and the glorious colours that are this season’s favourite picks.

So every Mother’s Day weekend you’ll find gorgeous hanging baskets, along with a variety of garden plants, outdoor décor, and everything a gardener needs to get started for the new season. All you have to do is decide where you’re going to hang those beautiful baskets, and what to add to your outdoor collection.

Another entity that was created to celebrate this special annual event, is a delicious buffet for Mother’s Day. The historic 1887 Pullman rail car, now the Diefenbaker dining car offers a delectable Mother’s Day buffet menu on both days. That way Mom’s can enjoy a break from the kitchen, just spending time with the family. After all, food always tastes better when someone else makes it.

Aspen Crossing’s Continuing Evolution

Over the years many events have played a part in the growth of Aspen Crossing such as the annual Train Days to celebrate Father’s Day. Once again, attention to details and working with the family team, this annual event has become the Trainiest Weekend of the Year! You’ll find a full greenhouse set up with G-scale model railroads surrounded by beautiful plants and flower baskets. It’s a stunning tribute to our railway heritage.

Over 125 years ago, the railroads set out to entice people to settle in the prairies, by proving how fertile the land was. By creating beautiful gardens at train stations, settlers could appreciate the abundant food that was grown and sold along with some of the most tranquil gardens created as rest areas. Today, many parks are attributed to the railroads establishing such gardens at the stations.

Station Shopping

Of course, no matter what time of the year you choose to visit Aspen Crossing, you’ll never have two visits where you see the same items.

With unique and locally created gift ideas, you’ll never see it all in one single visit. Whether its pantry items, spices or even Aspen Crossing’s own brand items, to teapots and other kitchen collectibles to interior or exterior décor. There’s hand crafted Italian soaps, bath oils to clothing accessories. Games and toys. There is such a variety, you never know what you’ll find, but you’ll love checking it all out!

A Prairie Journey is Resurrected

In May of 2015, the addition of a full size moving train along with 11 different themed excursions began. But long before that opening season, a lot of planning went into how each excursion should look and feel for the new visiting passengers to enjoy their new travel experience, aboard a vintage train. Donna has worked tirelessly with her team to work out the details for every experience to ensure the vision comes to life. There is no denying Donna is an integral force here at Aspen Crossing.

Sweet Dreams on Silver Rails

Once again, you’ll find that unmistakable attention to detail in each of the three refurbished caboose cabins. From the handpicked comforters, to pictures and decorative nuances.

Each cabin has a history of its own, this is where yesteryear meets present day. Instead of clashing, the two become one for an unforgettable getaway experience, best known as Glamping!

What’s Old is New Again

Coming this August, Aspen Crossing will yet again be adding a whole new experience to your visits. Enter, the Bergquist House.

This 1912 Victorian house was once home to Donna when she stayed with her Grandmother for a year as a teenager. When we asked if the house was haunted, we expected to get a lot of interesting details, but Donna says there was nothing unusual about the house during her stay there. However, we’ve learned from the Vulcan Paranormal Society, they had a different experience.

So, what is being done with this historic house? You’ll have to stay tuned, to learn more about the Escape Rooms, coming soon!

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

If you haven’t guessed by now, having Donna oversee and manage all the various facets of things to see and do here at Aspen Crossing has been vital to its overall success.

Leading by example her team is always ready at the helm, to pivot and embrace new and challenging experiences to ensure the vision and future of Aspen Crossing continues for many decades to come!

Happy Mother’s Day Donna! From all of us here at Aspen Crossing with much love and devotion!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving and devoted Mother’s everywhere, that work so tirelessly to create loving families. We hope you will join us this Mother’s Day weekend.

Don’t miss our annual 2 for 1 hanging basket sale. Lots of plants, trees and shrubs to get your garden sanctuary in shape for summer!

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