Easter - The Promise of a New Season

When we think about Easter, we tend to equate it with chocolate bunnies, coloured eggs, cute fluffy yellow baby chicks, delicious juicy slices of baked ham, cooked special for Sunday dinner. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it!

Here at Aspen Crossing, we’d like to share with our readers a little about what Easter time means to us.

It’s Go Time

It’s a time when we look forward to seeing some old friends and familiar faces. A time to welcome some new faces. A time when we get to be a part of making your getaway the best possible experience. It’s a time for us to shine with some good old fashioned country charm!

Behind The Scenes

After spending much of the winter months closed, from January 1st to March 31st, there is a lot work goes on for those 3 months in order get ready for the new Season at Aspen Crossing.

One of the items we were working on, was our new online booking system. As some of you may have already discovered, you can now book your Camping, Caboose Cabins and RV rentals directly online, at anytime for your convenience.

The final details for the upcoming season were completed with a new train schedule made available on the website. There are also some great opportunities for campers to take advantage of, when looking to have a getaway visit to de-stress and relax.

The Station Gift Shop gets a complete makeover. During the course of 3 months from January to March when we are closed, the store is completely disassembled from the holiday atmosphere then transformed into artfully displayed decorative items for your home, not usually found anywhere else.

You’ll find unique gift items for your special someone, especially if they love trains and gardens. That’s how the prairies came to be settled over 125 years ago, thanks to the railways and horticulture.

Brain-storming and planning for upcoming events held throughout the year are carefully considered and mapped out. If you’ve been to Aspen Crossing before, then you’ll know that there are always new things added for fun and excitement. Last season we added the Train of Terror which proved to be a hugely frightening success! Our ghoulish creators have been on a terrifying buying spree to expand your thrills and chills when the haunting experience takes to the rails again this October 2017.

What’s New at Aspen Crossing

If you’ve ever noticed the old white farmhouse adjacent to the entryway parking lot; you may have been wondering when and what would become of it. This 1912 Victorian home has a familial connection with one of our principles here at Aspen Crossing.

There is a lot of energy being put into preserving this landmark historical home where you will get a chance to experience its history and its charm . . . provided, you are able to escape, that is!

Dining Car News

The 1887 Pullman rail car is a part of our political Canadian history; it once served as Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker’s political campaign car in the mid-1950’s.

Now it serves as the Dining Car. With innovative and appealing new menu’s, you’ll appreciate the wide variety offered. With additional gluten free items added for dietary requirements and lifestyle choices. Of course there’s our signature Diefenbaker burger that has always been gluten free. Offering up more locally sourced and prepared menu options, you’ll love the new dining experience in this 130 year old Pullman rail car.

Colour Your World

Another area we get very excited about is when planting begins in our green houses. Around the end of February to early March, we begin getting our seedling plugs. This is when our 2 for 1 Mother’s Day baskets get planted. Visions of lush and full blooms cascading in stunning colours in mind. With the new season’s multi layered colour combinations, flowers are chosen specifically to create your own prairie oasis. All you need to do is decide where you want to place them.

What about you? What are your favourite thoughts about Easter time?

We invite you to Aspen Crossing to help Celebrate our Railway Ties!

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