Time for a Rail Romance

Train travel from a bygone era was a truly romantic and lavish experience. For some it’s the “mystique” mixed with nostalgia. The romance of discovery. A shared experience. Passing scenery in the prairies, reminds us of a simpler place in time. A journey of the present, that takes us back to the past, is still a ticket to romance.

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Mercurial Train Murder Mysteries

Perhaps one of the most famed romantic train experiences was the Orient Express. Some would say that it was made in-famously romantic thanks to Agatha Christie’s, Murder on the Orient Express. And what about the Trans Europe Express that ran between central and western Europe from 1957 through to 1995.

Love, romance, murder. All of them have mystery which go hand and hand. So, it’s only natural that the Aspen Crossing Railway has included a Dinner Theatre in our list of train excursions. For more than 5 years here at Aspen Crossing, we offered a Murder Mystery in our dining car before the arrival and launch of our full size moving train in Spring of 2015.

They were very popular, but seating was limited. The fun and excitement of a meal served with a little murder mystery on the side as you travel through picturesque scenery is a perfect way to spend an evening with your partner. You’ll soon find yourselves caught up in the act!

Twilight Wishes, Moonlight Kisses

To continue with the theme of love, romance and mystery; we can’t leave out evening Twilight Tour, particularly under a prairie sky!

An amazing spectrum of colour transforms the day into night. Never is an Alberta prairie sky the same. It’s always teasing and taunting you with its own imagination and colour palette. As the twilight seamlessly slips into night, the stars twinkle so much brighter than any city lights could. The peaceful serene beauty along with its tranquility, certainly sets the stage for a mysterious romantic evening.

Sweet Dreams on Silver Ribbons

Whichever evening train you choose, be it dinner theatre or romantic star gazing, you might want to cap off the night with a luxury glamping experience in a Caboose Cabin.

Each of the 3 Caboose cabins has its own mystique and history. From 1929 to 1971, these cabins are completely converted for a perfectly traintastic experience. We’ll even help you get the champagne on ice!

How many of us struggle to do something truly special with our significant other? Sometimes being so close after the holidays, its hard to plan something the way we’d really like to.

This year share a gift that you can both look forward to. Call us to learn how we can assist to make your rail romance special or you can book directly online today!

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