Camping – A Modern Day Experience

We all tend to think of camping as a tent and backpack experience. Back in the late 1800’s, that’s exactly the way camping started out. But camping has long since been glorified to a whole new level. With RV’s and trailers, it’s now become a home away from home, on wheels.

There’s a saying that goes like this; “I’d rather be lost in the woods, than found in the city”. But in all reality, once you get out of the city and into the serene country setting, you unwittingly find yourself again! It’s liberating as you relax.

Cost vs Investment

Your 'must haves' are all electrical, automatic and modern, just like home. But the point is to get away. Hotel rooms, flight travelling, can get very costly and not necessarily provide you with the respite you need. This is where investing in a camper or RV allows you to gain the benefit of camping. Pack your clothes and some food in your camper. Throw in a deck of cards, a few board games along with your favourite treats and you’re good to go.

There are lots of RV’s and trailers with all the modern conveniences of home. And since the whole point of camping is to relax and de-stress, it’s a win-win investment in you and your family’s well being. At Aspen Crossing you will find fire pits, power hook ups, pull through sites, as well as laundry and washroom shower facilities in the campground.

Green Acres and Golden Pastures

Most often, it’s the change of scenery that does the best good for us. An ideal scenario is having a favourite location that you can easily get to. Aspen Crossing Campground is less than an hour away from Calgary central. You don’t need a plane to get there but, once you are there, you can take a train!

There are various train excursions to choose from, depending on when you go. Getting onboard a train for several hours helps to truly destress. Taking a new travel experience to share with family and friends is a train-tastic bonus! You’ll get to see the Alberta prairie’s up close in varying degrees of breathtaking scenery, depending on when you choose to go. When you get back to your campsite, your home away from home, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip, but instead of jet lag, you’ll feel the true benefits of camping and travelling with some great treasured memories.

Day Dreaming - Day Tripper

With the high cost of travelling out of country, it just makes sense for most families to discover their own backyard so to speak. You can make a day trip, week or just a weekend to explore Alberta in areas you’ve never been or seen before. Use your campground as a home base. There’s lots spots to discover in Southern Alberta. From digging up bones, where clay pottery is made or visiting Vulcan the home of Spock.

Ready to book your campsites now, then visit our website and book online today!

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