TRAIN OF TERROR - The Scariest Train Haunt in Canada

Aspen Crossing is proud to present a truly unique Halloween train haunt experience.

So, you and your friends are just a few of the millions of thrill seekers that just love to get chills up and down your spine, completely terrified and freaked out, so you can all laugh about it after and reminisce over who was scared worse.

Well then, after you’ve read the following warning, if you and your friends think you can handle the scariest train haunt in Canada, you can join us at Aspen Crossing and embark on our Train of Terror. . . if you dare!

Jason Thornhill – Owner says, “we’ve been to a few Halloween Haunts in the US and had such an amazingly scary time! We just loved it! We thought, why not bring a similar experience to Aspen Crossing. There’s no other train trip like it!”

Starting October 8th through October 30th, The Train of Terror is an interactive spooktacular train ride experience that will have people chilled, thrilled, electrified and terrified. Train riders will have to carefully make their way through two haunted rail cars, while the train moves down the track. This Halloween Haunt has many twists, turns and horrifying surprises, but those who make it through will find a Halloween party on the other side!

It is said that there are 12 haunted train stations throughout the world. Aspen Crossing Station is lucky number 13!

Perfect for those looking for something unique to do for Halloween around Calgary, Alberta!

Warning: Intense audio and lighting, low visibility, strobe and fog effects, damp and wet conditions, physically demanding environments and tight spaces, close contact with actors and props (you might get touched), graphic scenes and extreme horror.

Comfortable, clothing and footwear are recommended. No high heels. Spare clothing, optional. Not Recommended If: Pregnant, claustrophobic, have had seizures, any heart conditions or respiratory problems. You will enter the ‘Train of Terror’ at your own risk. Before you board the train you will need to complete a ‘Train of Terror’ waiver and may have to show photo ID. 18+ only.

Ready to be thoroughly terrified!

Select dates: October 8th - October 30th

Don’t miss this ultimate Halloween Train Experience – book now!

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