The Importance of Believing

As children we find it easy to Believe, but as adults we know and understand that it takes Faith to Believe!

For too many people today, the need to have faith has never been more important with the need to believe that tomorrow will grant us better days.

On November 24th, the Aspen Crossing Railway will once again donate a magical evening for the Kids Cancer Care Foundation as it embarks on its inaugural run of The Polar Express™ Train Ride.

“THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is about the need to believe and who needs to believe more than a family battling a child’s cancer diagnosis?” said Donna Biggar, co-owner of Aspen Crossing Railway. “This is our gift to these brave families. We all need to believe in something and our wish is that this evening will give these kids and families the magical power of believing again—whether it’s believing in the magic and innocence of childhood again or believing in the future or believing in family Christmases yet to come.”

While aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™, the families will re-live the magic of the popular Christmas movie, enjoying hot chocolate and cookies and a few magical surprises along the way. Set to the music of the motion picture soundtrack, the evening will feature re-enactments of the movie, Christmas carolling and a reading of Van Allsburg’s holiday classic.

This POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride in honour of Alberta children with cancer is generously presented by Aspen Crossing Railway and Rail Events, Inc. in cooperation with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Inc., at no cost to the families in the Kids Cancer Care community. For these family’s faith and believing that there will be future Christmas seasons to treasure and share is vitally important. A reminder for us all the true importance of life! At Aspen Crossing, the true meaning of Christmas comes from the brave spirit of these heartwarming families, reminding us of our inner child, the power and strength that faith and believing can give to us all.

Please get involved and help this wonderful Foundation. Visit their website.

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