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You might say that dinner and a show dates back to the days of the Romans and the Greeks. For centuries, fine dining and entertainment have been an integral part of our socialization. In fact, food transcends all cultures and brings people together from all walks of life.

Fast forward a few centuries. Now we are lucky if we can get a quick bite of dinner at 5 Guys Burger and Fries and take in a big screen show at the local cinema – but how many of us remember the time or occasion? Was there real meaning behind it?

Now let’s look at Dinner Theatre; something a little more upscale, romantic, celebratory, something special we can remember or better yet, repeat with family and friends.

At Aspen Crossing we’ve been offering Dinner Theatre since 2009. For the first 5 years there were different performances played out in our 1887 Pullman dining car. It didn’t take too long for these to become extremely popular. In fact, performances were always sold out before the next play had been written.

An answer for the growing demand, was to move the experience and kick it up to a whole new level. As of 2015 with the launch of the Aspen Crossing Railway; Dinner Theatre would now be on a full size moving train. This would allow a substantial number of people to add to their dining repertoire that is not easily repeated anywhere.

Believe it or not, a dinner train is a relatively new concept. Some would say dating back to the first offering on the “Super Chief” in California back in the 1970’s, with renewed interest as recent as 1999 offered by the Sierra Railroad Dinner Train.

Dinner trains are gaining in popularity due to our desire to cultivate something other than, run of the mill food placation of “grabbing a bite”. A new appreciation for a fine dining experience that goes beyond sitting in a restaurant is emerging. Along with it, some form of entertainment, which all awakens our nostalgia for the romanticism of our past. Dinner trains or in our case, Dinner Theatre is part of our living history!

The plays aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway are written by our very own Artistic Director, Gail Whiteford. When not writing, casting and directing for Aspen Crossing, Gail has been teaching Drama 564 at the University of Calgary.

If you’re wondering what Gail has in store for the 2016 Dinner Theatre season, you will be surprised, amused and delighted to learn that parody humour is alive and well! Set in the 1880’s, the political fight is on for the future of Alberta and there can only be one winner.

Don’t miss your opportunity to embrace a whole new travel and dining experience aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway!

To reserve your tickets, book on line or call 1-866-440-3500.

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