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For most of us, when we think of trains we think transportation first. But in reality, trains are much more than that. Aside from impacting our lives, delivering goods and passengers, they are the best way to travel all over the world.

England is well known for their trains. However, they also seem to be the biggest fan and supporter of preserving their heritage. Oh there are some pretty big North American train supporters too. For instance, the National New York Central Railroad Museum. There are approximately a total of 324 Rail Museums in North America alone. And that number is climbing. In fact, there is a renaissance of train culture here in Canada.

Aside from being a stress free way to travel, it provides us with an opportunity to connect with fellow human beings. After all, we are a social culture. And we like to enjoy being relaxed. Being on a train, whether as a means to get to work or travelling for pleasure, provides us the very opportunity to feel good and appreciate our surroundings. Good bye road rage!

If you’ve ever wondered what’s been happening to the rail cars that have been retired from the lines in various parts of Alberta, then here’s an interesting note. The CPR yards in Skiff, Alberta offer them for heritage restoration. After seeing some of these cars, one can only imagine the amount of blood, sweat and tears it takes, to make them functional once again!


These are just a few of the reasons why we here at Aspen Crossing, have worked so hard to bring a train back to the Alberta Prairies. Some of you by now, have had a chance to experience our Prairie Tour and we are grateful for the wonderful feedback we’ve had from our passengers. Most heritage trains in Europe, run on a track that averages, only 8 to 12 miles in their tours. We are very proud that our railway tours are able to run 28 miles, over double the average heritage train tours.


In addition to being able to offer any train tour, there are many train tour choices for our travellers to choose from. Starting July 1st, every Wednesday we will have our Circus Train, but this tour is not just for kids. It’s designed to provide fun for all ages. And what better way to celebrate a child’s birthday than spending it on a Circus Train with their friends! What a great experience to treasure for a lifetime!

The fun doesn’t end there, it just keeps getting better and better! For the adults, we have a Wine & Cheese tour, Ales on Rails and our prized Dinner Theatre. For the past 5 years we have offered a dinner theatre dining experience in our stationary 1887 Pullman dining car. These were so popular, but seats were limited. Now we will be opening this season’s dinner theatre on the moving train, which will allow double the previous capacity. It’s a great date night out! Or an evening with family and friends. Celebrate and enjoy a delectable dinner while enjoying a tranquil countryside. Then take in a show that will pull you in and make you part of the story right before your eyes!


Many of us are so busy with our daily lives, that sometimes it’s hard to take that much needed holiday. But what if you could squeeze out a day or several? Wouldn’t it be great to get away to somewhere within an hour’s drive that still makes you think your somewhere completely different! Aspen Crossing is just such a place. Where the wide open skies merge with the horizon of millions of acres of farm land. You won’t be in Kansas anymore Toto! Try to think about how our food is grown and the work it takes to harvest it. With our Meals in the Field you will find yourself unconsciously reflecting just those thoughts, as you enjoy a bountiful picnic lunch in the countryside!

You’ll be reminded of a quieter, gentler time. You’ll be able to reconnect with the past and see how it still plays a pivotal role for the future. But most importantly, you’ll get a chance to reconnect with family and friends, while enjoying the opportunity to just plain relax and have fun!


The memories you will create onboard the Aspen Crossing Railway, will undoubtedly become some of your most treasured ones for years to come!

Which train tour will be your favorite?


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