Aspen Crossing Railway Prairie Tour

If you have been following us at all on Facebook, Twitter , or here on the website, by now you’ll know that our new Aspen Crossing Railway has just completed its 3rd weekend of train tours.

Our base train theme is our Prairie tour, one we take much pride in. Not since 2002, has the train tracks in Mossleigh seen a moving train on its silver rails, other than for train car storage, being shunted down the lines.

Thank goodness, the train tracks were salvaged from becoming scrap metal. It’s been 6 long years in the making, but Aspen Crossing has now turned the dream and vision into reality, to also include insight into Southern Alberta’s agricultural grass roots!

Our Prairie tour is a very special tour. One that is very close to our hearts. This tour exemplifies the significance of the prairie landscape. From that perspective, not a lot has changed since the early settlers first came to the prairies more than 125 years ago.

If you’ve never seen the prairies, then you are in for a panoramic sight that is stunningly breathtaking in its simplicity. Like the horizon of an ocean voyage, looking out at the prairies you will see nothing but big sky, merging with miles and miles of farm land. It is truly an awe-inspiring experience!

While most of us are just finishing small plot backyard garden planting, imagine the daunting task of turning thousands of acres into one of the world’s major food sources. “With 50 million acres used for crop and livestock production, Alberta produces an abundant supply of agricultural commodities available for export.” Most of the farms are linked to generations of families carrying on the tradition of farming. Just like their ancestors before them, that left foreign soils for a new life, new opportunities and to make something that would leave a lasting mark much greater than their humble beginnings. We owe a lot to our agricultural heritage. If you are not convinced, then here are some fun facts that should more than interest you about agriculture, not only here in the prairies, but across Canada.

Most people less than 40 miles away in Calgary have never heard of Mossleigh. It is a little hamlet that is only 39 miles southeast of Calgary. Yet most people commute double that distance every day going to work. Another interesting fact is that Mossleigh currently has 3 of what are, fast becoming the last few grain elevators of the western prairies. In fact, the loss of our grain elevators is the result of the progress made in the past century. A.G.E.S. says "Let’s preserve some of our history, our heritage, and leave some of these beautiful prairie sentinels for the future." In losing physical evidence of our past, it seems that we lose some of our legacy with it.

But for now, in rural Southern Alberta, Aspen Crossing has been doing their part to help preserve and protect our prairie heritage. Over the past 11 years, we’ve been striving to become a unique train themed tourist destination, for visitors from not only our own backyard, but for everyone the world over, to experience and create treasured memories. Trains are an everyday mode of transportation in Europe, and to travel by train, is to see the world! Here at Aspen Crossing, we want to share our world, our heritage, cultural roots, and our prairies, because it belongs to everyone!

Take the Prairie Tour journey aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway, and see for yourself, another one of Alberta’s wonders!


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