Kellan's Visit to Aspen Crossing Railway!

October 15, 2014

Every once in a while, something or someone so special occurs in one’s life, that makes you beam inside, for days and days.   At Aspen Crossing last week (Oct 10th) near Mossleigh, we had the fortune to host a special young fellow who loves trains (what boy doesn’t!!). Kellan brought his mom Robin and a family friend (Taralea) too.  You need to know that Kellan is special; you see, he is battling Leukemia and taking chemotherapy along with special meds to win this fight.  Kellan is only 5! It goes without saying that it breaks our hearts to see any child hurting.  So, when we were approached by Taralea and asked if Kellan could come to Aspen Crossing to pound a spike(large railway nail) in to the tracks, we just had to do all we could for this courageous little guy.  With that, Kellan not only had the opportunity to pound in a ‘gold’ spike at a special location he will always be able to find, he was also presented  with a pin-striped vest and hat reminiscent of what railroaders wore,  given a tour or the railway store, museum, a walk through a caboose, and….  a ride in a locomotive too.  The biggest surprise and visible joy for Kellan came when he was asked to blow the locomotive airhorn…wow, that was l-o-u-d!


The staff at Aspen Crossing hopes Kellan’s day lives in his dreams all the way through adulthood.   Kellan, we are so proud of you; please come back and visit us often….and blow the horn any time you want.  Everyone at Aspen Crossing looks forward to your next visit and a ride in the passenger cars next year.


Story and Pictures from Glen Brosinsky.


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