Halloween is just around the corner and so is our famous Train Of Terror! An interactive train haunt that is sure to scare even the bravest of souls!

If you’re a fan of the Train to Terror or if your deciding if this is a good Halloween attraction for you, then this is the right page to be on! We’ve made an FAQ page that answers some common questions about our haunted train. Check it out below:

Where Is This Located And Where Do I Park? 

Your nightmares come alive 1 km west of Mossleigh, Ab and 35km Southeast of Calgary. Be careful not to miss your turn, these hills have eyes… 

There is an old cemetery… “ahem”, we mean parking lot, that is covered with gravel and located in between the Tavern and the Station. Making for a short walk to get your tickets and an even shorter walk to grab a bite to eat after your excursion. (Don’t worry, the food doesn’t bite back!) 

My Watch Is Broken… Can I Show Up Late? 

The terror has scheduled departures from the station that is set in tombstone. If you happen to miss the train, we will do our absolute best to get you on the next departure, however, there is no guarantee. Please note that ticket sales are final and non-refundable if canceled outside of the 30-day cancellation policy. 

What Happens If The Train Is Late? 

As with any type of travel, sometimes the unexpected happens, you know, bad weather, extra train maintenance, zombie apocalypse, one of the guests goes mysteriously missing…  The usual stuff of course. If this happens then you will be given extra time to visit, have a snack, or enjoy one more of those delicious cocktails the bartender keeps serving. 

Why Is It 18+? 

Due to the strict requirements of liquor licensing, we are currently not allowing any human, ghoul, undead, or creature under the age of 18 to come aboard. We will be IDing everyone at the door, and if minors are found they will be denied entry and not receive a refund. 

Is There A Teen Night?  

Plans are currently underway to create an exclusive Train of Terror Teen night for the 2023 Halloween season! 

I’m Starting To Get Cold Feet… What’s The Refund Policy? 

We have a 30-day refund policy, meaning that if you contact us with your cancellation 30 days prior to your departure date, you can be issued a refund. For any cancellations after the 30 days, please know that the tickets are fully transferrable to another party or can be used as a credit.  

Okay, I think I’m Brave Enough…  But What If I’m Not? 

Our goal is to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible, and if that means you need to bypass some nightmares and skip some screams, then we can make that happen for you! Talk to one of our staff members and they will give you one of two safe words. The first word is used for when you need a quick break or need a bit of space and the second word is used when you would like to be removed from the haunt as quickly as possible and taken to a nice safe place where you can join up with the rest of your group 

I Want to Come But The Night I Want Is Sold Out! 

Just like any good transportation company, we offer stand-by rides! Essentially you come to Aspen Crossing and hope that someone doesn’t show up so that you can purchase their spot. There is no guarantee you will be able to join, so your trip might turn into an evening of a great dinner and drinks at the Tavern. Which honestly is still a great night out! (we suggest the pizza!) 

I look So good In My Costume… Are Photos Allowed? 

We absolutely love it when you take photos, we even have some awesome hashtags you can use! There are so many great places for photo ops throughout the haunt, however, we do warn you that sometimes there might be extra… let’s say, “guests” that appear in your photos after you have taken them. 

Once you have boarded the train we strongly suggest that you enjoy the experience through your own lens instead of your cameras, due to the fact it there are intermittent areas of darkness or light that make for poor photos. You’re better off focusing on just making it through your Halloween haunt without screaming! 

I Tend To Punch People When I’m Scared… Am I Allowed To Touch The Actors? 

We understand that some people’s reaction when they are scared is to resort to fight and not flight, which is understandable and a great defense system in a lot of circumstances, EXCEPT THIS ONE! If you have the urge to touch, grab, or punch an actor, we kindly ask you to avoid it AT ALL COSTS!  Our actors are specifically trained to grab, touch, drag, and scare you in an absolute, non-harmful way. 

Okay, I’m In Where Do I Get Tickets? 

You can order your tickets online through the button below, give us a call at 1(403)-534-2129, or visit us at the Aspen Crossing Station! 

How Long Does This Nightmare Last? 

This is completely dependent on how fast you can run or how much time you plan to spend in the corner crying… but on average the entire excursion, including 2 maze haunts and the 1.5 train ride, lasts roughly 2.5 hours. 

Is there Liquid Courage For Purchase? 

Adventuring through the deep, dark unknown is no easy feat, which is why we have various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase at any one of our 3 bars throughout the excursion. You can find these liquid fueling stations at the beginning of your evening before you enter the first maze when you board the train, and then at the end of the excursion. We also have food available on site and on the train. 

How Many Friends Or Family Can I Bring To Hide Behind? 

We want you to have a horrifying, but also wonderful experience throughout your evening. In order to do that we must limit group sizes to 2-3 people, if you have a larger group, we kindly ask you to split into smaller groups. Don’t worry, you will be reunited on the other side of the haunt. Of course, that’s if you make it through… 

I Must Know… Are There Washrooms? 

We aren’t monsters! Well, most of us anyway… Of course, we have bathrooms! Although we must suggest that you use them before your Halloween experience begins, the wait times and poltergeists’ interruptions for the train bathrooms can sometimes be quite extensive. 

I Want To Be Scared… But I Also Want To Be Warm! 

The Train of Terror will stop for nothing! Whether it be snow, rain, or an army of dead infestation the show will always go on! We suggest checking the weather before arriving and dressing accordingly as some parts of this Halloween haunt are outside and the haunted cars can get quite chilly. 

Just How Interactive Is This? 

The train of terror has many obstacles, both inside and outside, that require you to step over, climb over, slide down, crawl through… we think you get the picture! This is why we strongly suggest that you wear proper clothes and close-toed shoes that allow for easy movement. That means no high heels! 

Of course, if you can combine your amazing costume with functionality that allows you to fully experience the Train of Terror, then we support you 100%! 

Wait… It’s So Scary You Have Waiver I Must Sign? 

Train of Terror is unlike most Halloween attractions in North America! Our actors may touch, grab, place things on you, or separate you at any given time! Our mandatory waiver gives full transparency in letting you know the risk, possibilities, and your responsibilities that will take place throughout the night. 

The waiver must be signed before entry is allowed, and refusal to sign the waiver will result in no refund and denied entry. 

Okay… Just Give me the Key Points Already! 

  • No outside alcohol – bag searches will be done and if anything is found the person will be removed with no refund given 
  • Be Smart– Please don’t be a danger to yourself or others, maintain the safe, fun environment that we provide by following all our rules.   
  • Be Courteous – Everyone is here for a good time and we would like to keep it that way. We reserve the right to remove anyone found being rude or causing issues, with no warning and with no refund. 
  • Happy Halloween! – Remember to have fun and ask us any questions you might have by either calling us 403-534-2129 or by emailing [email protected].