Dear Aspen Crossing family, 

We have great news! The Polar Express train is here for the winter holidays.

In order for performances like Polar Express™ to occur, the government has implemented a Restriction Exemption Program (REP).

There are 5 different methods patrons can choose from to meet the government-mandated REP requirements.

We are leaving it up to our customers to choose the method they feel most comfortable with, to meet the REP.

  1. Show a private negative covid test; result within 3 days of ticket date/time.
  2. Provide a medical exemption letter.
  3. Voluntarily share a QR code.
  4. Present First Nations, military, out of province/international traveler records. 
  5. Take an on-site rapid test (must book ahead, requires an additional fee of $25, limited supply). There are only a certain amount of tests administered per night, so book accordingly.  Please note that the on-site rapid test is only valid for use on Aspen Crossing property.

We thank all of you very much for your patronage and your kindness during this time. 

Aspen Crossing Ownership 

This Christmas, come ring the bell and believe!