What Days And Times Will Polar Express™ Be Running?

The event will be running from November 26 to December 24th. The train will be departing at 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:30 pm on all scheduled days. To see a detailed list of available dates please check out our booking page.

What Does The Polar Express™ Ticket Include?

Each ticket includes a round-trip train ride to the North Pole. Each ticketed passenger is served Hot Chocolate and a cookie by the Polar Express™ Chefs. Santa will board the train at the North Pole, and as we head back to the station, Santa will be on board and walk through each car to give out the “first gift of Christmas”, (the silver sleigh bell) to each child.

Where Do I Pick Up My Tickets?

All tickets will be held at the gift shop and you will receive them after you have checked in prior to boarding. Tickets will be filed under the name of the person who originally purchased them.

Can I Change The Date Of My ticket?

We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs but the ability to change dates is highly subjective to the number of available seats we have left. Polar Express™ is a popular event that usually sells out. We require a minimum of 7 days’ notice for any changes to be made.

When Should I Arrive? 

We recommended showing up 45 – 60 minutes prior to your train departure. This allows ample time for your party to check in and receive your tickets. 

What Should I Wear? 

All of our train cars are heated, so that means this is the opportunity for you and your whole family to dress up in your most comfortable pajamas! We also recommend wearing a jacket for your wait time before boarding the train and walking from your vehicle.  

Are Strollers, Car seats, Or Walkers allowed On The Train? 

Due to tighter hallways and laneways on the rail cars, we kindly ask you to leave all of these items in the greenhouse during your train ride. If you require any special assistance please call our front desk prior to your arrival so that we can prepare accordingly.  

Is The Train Wheelchair Accessible? 

Due to the vintage nature of the train cars and the narrow hallways, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate wheelchairs. 

Do You Sell Official Polar Express™ Merchandise?

We sure do! Our gift shop and greenhouse are stocked with all your favorite holiday goodies, including the exclusive Polar Express™ pajamas!

Where Can I Eat? 

Both our Dining Car and Tavern will be open and available by reservation only two hours before your train ride. You can book your reservation by calling 1-(866)440-3500 today.

Where Is It Located? 

Aspen Crossing is located 1 km west of Mossleigh and 45 minutes southeast of Calgary. 

Do The Trains Ever Get Canceled Due To Weather? 

The Polar Express ™ will run no matter what the weather conditions are. However, if Highway 24 is closed near Aspen Crossing then the train excursion will be canceled for that evening.

How Long Is It? 

The Polar Express™ train ride is approximately 60 minutes.

Is There A Parking Fee?

There is FREE parking located out front of the station as well as in front of the Tavern.

Where Can I Buy Polar Express™ Tickets?