2018 Music Festival Lineup - A STARS® Air Ambulance Fundraiser

For the past 6 years, Aspen Crossing has hosted the Southern Alberta Music Festival. With over 20 local performers, coming together to share their talents. Most of whom have grown professionally, yet always making the time to come back each year, to support this STARS® Air Ambulance benefit. 2017 Southern Alberta Music Festival Raised over $13,000 for STARS! 2018 SOUTHERN ALBERTA MUSIC FESTIVAL - A STARS AIR AMBULANCE FUNDRAISER AUGUST 10 & 11, 2018 FRIDAY, AUGUST 10: 7PM - 11PM SATURDAY, AUGUST 11: 10AM - 12AM Times may be subject to change. Get together with friends and enjoy two days of Southern Alberta’s hottest live music! Kick back and relax while you listen to a variety of country,

The Twilight Tour - prairie twilight in all its splendour!

Come see why photographers love to capture the prairie twilight in all its splendour! This excursion is a great way to escape and wind down with the living landscape that is the Alberta prairies. This is the ultimate date night tour! Time to get onboard for a prairie Twilight Tour, where previous passengers have experienced a blood moon, blue moon, a harvest moon, easily picked out the big and little dipper, and marvelled at the Aurora Borealis. Finding the North Star known as Polaris and of course the Brightest Star, known as Sirius; definitely not your FM radio dial. But it may be just the journey to get you re-aligned with the stars! Includes: Live Music, Train Robbery Departs at 7pm -

Train Days & Rail Recreation - An Evolving Hobby

Rail Recreation - An Evolving Hobby “It's easy to mock model railway enthusiasts as the dull cousin of train spotters, but the truth is that attics and spare rooms across the nation are filled with small buildings and model engines.” Model railway interest seems to be transcending generations. It’s shared, collected and coveted. It’s creating a world that challenges creativity but offers pure satisfaction unlike anything else. In most cases, it’s passion is passed into the next generation. Garden Railroaders Today’s train enthusiasts might surprise you as they are not a stereo type. You may also be surprised to learn that model railways are also known as one of the fastest growing hobbies, w

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