New Beginnings - the Alberta Prairies

With the promise of a new life, free from persecution, poverty and oppression; early European settlers came to the prairie provinces as the chosen ones, used to hard work and even harsher climates. They believed in the land of opportunity, grateful for a second chance, a new beginning. Building a new life in a new promised land. It's not too hard to imagine what those early settlers must have felt upon first arriving to this barren land here in the Alberta prairies. The fourth largest wave of European immigrants arrived by between 1897 through to 1929. Settling the West With titles like, Free Farms for the Million, the enticement of owning 160 acres seemed almost too good to be true. It was.

The All Knowing, All Seeing Power of a Woman – Mom!

This year as a part of our tribute to Mother’s Day, we wanted to go a little deeper to celebrate the all-encompassing embodiment of women. Some of us are new first time mother’s, finding our way upon entering that dizzying balancing act of mother, wife, and retaining that independent woman. The one that had her own identity before being labelled Mom. Label of Distinction While everyone would say labels are not a part of who we are, society today has a label for everything. The most important thing is remaining true to yourself and your beliefs and continue to believe that because you are “woman” you can do it all, if you want to. History shows us that women have always played an important ro

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