Meals in The Field Train Tour - Celebrating a Culinary Experience

Join us aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway as we celebrate our railway ties, and remind ourselves about the importance of doing ordinary things, like having a well packed picnic on the land that provided the ingredients! The Family Food Connection Inspired by our prairie ancestors when farm families would gather in the field to enjoy a hearty meal, our Meals in the Field train excursion pays homage to our farmers and their families. But more importantly, to the legacy our ancestors provided. “The land, like its people, tell us stories, if we allow ourselves to listen.” An Homage to Eating Local One of the many things associated with Alberta is the fact that we are a major food producing prov

Twilight Tour - The Enchantment of Prairie Skies

What the Twilight Train Tour really has to offer... You’ve probably heard it many times before, that an Alberta sky is something of a wonder in daytime but as evening approaches, Mother Nature is just getting into her colour palette ready to paint some of the most majestic scenes that will have you spellbound. “I have to admit, I didn’t go into the prairies with big expectations. Thousands of kilometres of flat farmland… what’s so exciting about that? But not once had anyone ever told me about the prairie skies.” The Magical Wonder of Big Skies It’s been said that Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. As well as being one of the most geographically diverse provinces. “Fro

Rail Engines - For the Love of Trains

Father’s Day weekend is fast approaching and if you’re familiar with us here at Aspen Crossing, you’ll know it’s the Trainiest Weekend of the Year! For the Love of Trains One of the first questions we usually get asked about our train is, “is it a steam train?” Now being that we LOVE trains, we wondered at that question? What difference does it make? The rail romance still embraces you regardless of how it runs. Seriously, it could be electric and we still would love it! So, with that ever-pressing question, we thought we’d train our thoughts on how steam and diesel came to be in the evolution of trains. Water by Fire - Fading Twilight of Steam “The basic principle on which the initial steam

Rail Fascinating History in Small Alberta Hamlet

The whole country is excited about Canada 150. Everyone is planning upcoming celebrations, with many taking place throughout the year. A reminder of where we stand now; where we evolved from. True Canadian pride, eh! Meanwhile, in a small hamlet in Southern Alberta, you may be surprised to discover that 130 years of Canadian history has found its last whistle stop and now resides at Aspen Crossing; just a scant 45 minutes outside of Calgary. Celebrating Our Railway Ties! The history of how Canada was connected by silver ribbons and the struggles, pain and loss endured to get to the last spike; are remembered, celebrated and shared here at Aspen Crossing. On June 1st, Aspen Crossing will be c

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