Champagne Traditions, Journeys and Embracing New Travel Experiences!

Have you ever wondered why Champagne is always linked to special celebrations and occasions? The tradition dates as far back as 496 AD in the days of Christianity before the Middle Ages. Wine was used to celebrate the Eucharist, where vineyards were a part of the monastery. A particular region was the Champagne vineyards. The very first King of France was baptized on Christmas day in the same year in the Reims Cathedral. After that, as they say, the rest is history! In fact, by the 12th century Champagne and its reputation had spread beyond the national borders. And, by the 18th century, Champagne was so well coveted that it was a distinct symbol of the wealthy. Whether it was royalty, hea

The Aspen Crossing Family Tribute

Meet Donna Biggar, Aspen Crossing’s General Manager extraordinaire. While she is not our Mother, Donna has brought together an incredible team of staff members that have all come together as one great big happy family! For over 13 years now, Donna is and has been the kinetic energy force in the expansion process of Aspen Crossing. Humble Beginnings Having started with the tree farm and nursery, Donna’s love of plants translated into 13 years of creating annual Mother’s Day weekend events. 2017 marks the 14th Annual 2 for 1 Hanging basket sale. It’s as if Mother Nature herself knows, this is the weekend to mark the beginning of great weather for gardeners to begin creating their garden sanctu

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