Nothing beats a great cup of tea - except if it’s High Tea, served aboard the Aspen Crossing Railway! Enjoy a traditional elegant pastime; fine china, fancy finger foods and some great company! The New Hydration Movement There’s a hot new beverage that’s gaining in popularity the world over. It has the Millennials digging into its history, where it comes from, how it’s grown, processed, blended. Is it ethical? What impact does all this have on the world? All this before the world tea consumer gets down to ingredient combinations, flavour blends and benefits. But really, tea is just gaining a new found respect despite its benefits being available for centuries. Best Keep Your Leaves Loose For

Easter - The Promise of a New Season

When we think about Easter, we tend to equate it with chocolate bunnies, coloured eggs, cute fluffy yellow baby chicks, delicious juicy slices of baked ham, cooked special for Sunday dinner. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it! Here at Aspen Crossing, we’d like to share with our readers a little about what Easter time means to us. It’s Go Time It’s a time when we look forward to seeing some old friends and familiar faces. A time to welcome some new faces. A time when we get to be a part of making your getaway the best possible experience. It’s a time for us to shine with some good old fashioned country charm! Behind The Scenes After spending much of the winter months closed, from January 1st to March

Five Important Reasons Why You Should Be a Gardener

With names like Comet, Fireball and Kabloom; you’re probably asking how these terms could inspire us to be gardeners. The truth is simple; they are playful colour names! Whether you are planting annuals to fill in a particular yard space for colour or planting perennials to admire year after year, gardening begins at Aspen Crossing! You’ll love the varieties of plants and garden décor to choose from. And, if you’re not sure what goes best together, just ask us. We’ll help you to get the right plants for your desired garden space. The Nature of Man and Dirt It’s no secret that gardening has been able to sooth us when we’ve been upset and pulling weeds or planting flowers in an otherwise empt

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