Wine & Cheese – What it all Pairs Down To!

Did you know there are over 2,000 different types of cheese worldwide? Did you know there are 13 basic cheeses that we should all know? And what about age and intensity, geography and mammal? And apparently, contrary to popular belief, very few red wines should be paired with cheese at all! A Little Wine with Your Cheese? For centuries mankind has been enjoying wines with cheese, so what’s the big deal? Well apparently it is a rather big deal when it comes to the experts of both! There are a lot of considerations when thinking about doing wine and cheese pairings. The experts will have you dizzy and confused long before you’ve touched a drop of alcohol! Eating Your Curds & Whey Most of us ar

Saints, Shamrocks and the Blarney Stone

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and for many of us thanks to centuries of tradition, we will be, on the lash enjoying a green pint of ale. If we’re lucky we might get a snog even if it’s just for good old fashioned luck. Maewyn Succat - Father of the Citizens Maewyn Succat, the man that eventually went on to be declared St. Patrick in the 12th century was born in Great Britain. Rumour has it that he was kidnapped by Irish pirates when he was a young boy of 14 then forced into slavery as a shepherd. During the 6 years he was held as a slave, he turned to religion which gave him hope and strength. After his escape and return to Britain, Patrick studied for priesthood. He later returned t

Brewing History – An Ale Brewster Tale

This March 8th 2017 we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is, Be Bold For Change. Brewing Bold Evolution It is thought that beer is a man’s world. Well, not quite! It was created by women which progressed to men and is now returning to a woman’s domain from where historically it originated. Long before Monks created their Mead, according to archeologists and historians, women were the original brewers with records dating back to Ancient Egypt. Women brewed ale for religious ceremonies but more importantly as a daily ration which probably was a lot healthier for the family. If there was any left over, they would sell it in their villages and towns. Sounds like female comm

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