Hanging Basket Care

Dr. J Gateman


Hanging Baskets are not only gorgeous to look at, they are easy to care for as well.

You can hang your basket from pretty much anything; fences, hanging stands, hooks, tree branches, etc..  Once watered they do have some weight to them so be sure to hang them from something solid.

To enjoy your hanging baskets watering is the most important thing.

Be sure to water your hanging baskets until water flows out the bottom.  Every day or other day watering is advised.  Hanging baskets need to be watered more frequently then gardens or flower beds.  However on very hot days watering everyday or even twice a day may be needed.  It is difficult to overwater a hanging basket since any excess water simply flows out of the bottom of the basket.


Pluck off and dead or dying flowers to allow the water to flow to healthy parts of the plant.  The plant will try to feed all blossoms even if they are dying.  Plucking these should increase the flow of food to new or young blossoms. 

If you wish to cut back a hanging basket, go ahead and do so.  Most annuals like that.  They will respond by putting out more growth and filling in quickly. 

Brown and dried leaves indicate under watering, yellow and wrinkled indicate over watering or root rot. To battle the later, move hanging basket to a new pot and give the root some more room to stretch out and breathe. 

Hanging plants look beautiful set on columns on small tables.  Their cascading flora is just as gorgeous that way. 

Enjoy your plants!

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