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We have made these changes to keep the public safe, while following the government regulations. So, Aspen Crossing Gift Store is closed to onsite public.

But we have two options for your shopping needs; curb-side or special gift boxes.


You are welcome to review the gallery below and let us know what catches your eye.  Just click on the "What Do You Want to Order?" button and tell us the item you must have. 


You can order a special gift box, just click on the "Special Gift Box Please!" button and fill out the information so our wonderful gift specialists can create a box for you.

Staff filling orders are washing their hands on the hour and sanitizing before touching merchandise.  Any staff with any sign of illness is to remain at home until symptoms completely disappear.


If you are feeling unwell please have us ship your order rather then use curb-side pick up.

Not only is the store constantly changing in its décor, our products are always fresh, fun and unique keeping your mind stimulated while you wander and relax. As always, our friendly knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions to help fulfil your quest of finding a perfect gift for that special someone.

- Home decor, Everything for your garden, Unique gift ideas and cards, Specialty foods, Fireworks and more.

Spices and Sauces
Peppercorns ($14.99), Garlic Grilling Sauce (17.99), Garlic Bread Dippers (12.99). Taxes not included.
Iron Cow, Pig rooster doorstop
Iron and white door stop farm motif. ($39.99) Taxes not included.
Washable reusable bowl covers
Always be able to find a bowl lid with these re-usable bowl covers. ($19.99) Taxes not included.
Rooster Deco
Say whats on your mind with metal rooster decor. ($54.99) Taxes not included.
Fun Dish towels
It's Beer Thirty, Live Laugh Love, etc... Liven up the kitchen with these cute dish towels. ($14.99) Taxes not included.
Cranberry garlic Preserves, Horseradish Garlic Jam. ($12.99) Taxes not included.
Grainworks Products
Tasty Items from GrainWorks. Unbleached flour ($4.49), Lentils ($7.99), Millet Flour ($6.99).
Garbanzo flour ($6.99), Popcorn ($14.99), Rice ($10.49) and more.
Aspen Crossing Signature Sauces
Szechuan Sauce, Honey Curry Sauce, Peach Grilling Sauce, Terriyaki Sauce. (All sauces $9.99) Taxes not included.
MacFarlane's Jarred Goods
Salsa ($8.69), Beet Pickles ($8.69), Dill Pickles (8.69), Dilled Sugar Peas ($11.99).
MacFarlane's Canned Goods
Cherry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Grape Jelly. (All jams and jells $8.49).
More Canned Goods
Dilled Asparagus ($12.99), Mint Jelly (8.49), Honey ($6.99), Horseradish Jelly ($8.49), Hot Pepper Jelly ($8.49), Crabapple Jelly ($8.49).
Aspen Crossing Two Pack Signature Sauces
Deemed the "best grilling sauces ever" by customers. This two pack contains; Madri Gras Hot Sauce & Habanero Sauce. ($19.99) Taxes not included.
Cow, Pig, Rooster ornament
Cow, Pig, Rooster doorstop. Farmhouse motif done in a beautiful shiny white coating. ($19.99) Taxes not included.
Farm Fresh Milk Pitchers
Cream jug ($34.99), pitcher ($38.99) and country colour "blue splatter" serving spoons ($5.99). Taxes not included.
Fun Kitchen Towels
Mom Thanks for the wine gene, Home Sweet Home, etc.. ($14.99) Taxes not included.
Super Shit Spices
Super Shit, Reel Shit, NO Shit, Super Reel Shit, Super Dip Shit, Super Oh Shit, Super Jack shit and many more. ($8.99)
Various teas
Herbal, orange pekoe, jasmine, black tea and rooibos available. Large tea ($14.99), small tea ($9.99). Selection packs also available ($24.99). Taxes not included. Taxes not included.
Sugar savers,reusable cup covers
Sugar savers ($5.99) in bird, gingerbread man, hedgehog and bear shape. Reusable cup covers ($6.99) in orange, blue, pink and green. Taxes not included.
Salad tossers
Aspen Crossing brand salad tossers. ($19.99) Taxes not included.
Grandma's cleaning products
Spot remover ($8.99), Miracle moisturizer ($8.99), jewelry cleaner ($9.99), gooey remover ($8.99) and many more. Taxes not included.
Red wine stain remover
Chateau spill red wine stain remover. ($11.99) Taxes not included.
Sipper sleeves
Sipper sleeves in papa bear, stop mine, life happens, don't touch this and nope not today and many more designs. ($9.99) Taxes not included.
Camping sign
Weekend forecast, camping with a chance of drinking. ($9.99) Taxes not included.
Snark city key ring
Key ring designs example of 'I daydream while driving and in the world did i make it home?' and many more designs ($5.99) Taxes not included.
Snark city fridge magnets
Mine not yours, Hey! don't touch me there, , Are we there yet?, and many more designs. ($6.99) Taxes not included.
Toilet paper bell
Ring for toilet paper. ($5.99) Taxes not included.
Earth angel bracelets
Teacher, mom, grandma, birthday and many more. Metal ($19.99), Silver ($22.99) Taxes not included.
Candle holders, Twist and poutlip balms
Tall glass candle holders ($54.99), Twist and pout lip balms of various flavours ($4.99). Taxes not included.
Solar glow light up stake
36" tall light up stake creates a beautiful outdoor accent. ($39.99) Taxes not included.
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Fun Kitchen Towels

Mom Thanks for the wine gene, Home Sweet Home, etc.. ($14.99) Taxes not included.