Closed until Spring 2023!

Think you’re clever?

​Get ready to immerse yourselves in mystery, intrigue and the escape of your life!

At first glance, the Bergquist House appears as a century old prairie farmhouse lovingly restored. But, this historical house holds dark, sinister secrets filled with unresolved mysteries of the past. Do you and your team have what it takes to uncover the clues in time to make your escape?

​Due to extra time needed between bookings we ask that you call for reservations. Thank you.

​The Bergquist Tavern and the Escape Rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

We require full payment for bookings. If you cancel your time-slot with more than 72 hours’ notice, you will be issued a refund to the card that you used to make your booking minus a $10 Cancel Fee, or you may reschedule without any fees or ask for a gift card to book for a later date. If you cancel your time-slot with less than 72 hours’ notice, you can only receive a gift card or re-book a new time slot. A booking is considered a no-show if we aren’t notified or you cancel the same day of your booking. No refund, gift card or opportunity to reschedule will be provided for no-shows or same day cancellations. Escape Rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Aspen Crossing Ltd., Aspen Crossing Railway Corporation, staff or volunteers cannot be held responsible or liable for injuries, loss or damages incurred by guests during their visit.

We have two escape rooms for you to choose from; The Twisted Twin room & The Study .

​Kids of all ages are welcome to participate in the escape rooms with adults but if you are wanting them to assist with the puzzles the reading level is about Grade 6. However, sometimes the younger ones see things we don’t.

Escape Rooms are open to families and cohort families

​Escape Rooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after each play. There are multiple touchpoints so time between games will be slightly longer. The Tavern is downstairs and a great place to visit if you are doing multiple groups through the escape rooms.

The Twisted Twin

​The Twisted Twin room contains 4 rooms of puzzles and can accommodate a maximum of 8 players. You start off in separate rooms so, you will have to work together to get into the final room.

​The Bergquist House was home to twin boys. Rumour has it that there was a third child but no one has ever seen him. Did he meet with foul play? Can you solve the clues and discover what has happened? Make your way through the twins bedrooms, closets, and their bedroom, read their journal entries, work together or time will run out.

​90 minute time limit

The Study

​The Study room contains 1 and 1/2 rooms of puzzles and can accommodate a maximum of 6 players. The room is packed with clues, you’ll need to read carefully and work fast to solve the case.

​The railroad has been completed and the study owner kept a special item hidden away. He was discovered dead and there is a long list of people who could have done it. Can you discover the clues he hid away just in case he met his demise. He knows who was going to kill him, can you figure it out?

​60 minute time limit

​For bookings, please call 403-534-2129