Failing to follow the Campground Rules will result in a warning, additional charges or eviction.

ACCOUNTABILITY - It is each campers responsibility to read, understand and follow the Campground Rules. Failing to follow the Campground Rules will result in a warning, additional charges or eviction.

RAILWAY EQUIPMENT - There is absolutely no climbing allowed on the caboose cabins, train, railway artifacts or any other building. Climbing or playing on any structure is trespassing and is very dangerous. Failing to follow this rule will result in immediate eviction. 

RAILWAY TRACKS - No playing on/near the railway tracks. All persons must cross at the designated crossings, look both ways and listen. Cross only when it is safe to do so. Failing to follow this rule will result in immediate eviction. 

CHILDREN - Parents are responsible for their children and will be held accountable if their children fail to comply with any of the Campground Rules. Never leave your children unintended. 

CHECK IN - 4:00 P.M.
CHECK-OUT - 2:00 P.M.
BOOKINGS - All reservations will require full payment unless it is for a group (see below). 3 night minimum applies for any long weekend.
GROUP BOOKINGS - The facility fee and damage deposit is due at the time of booking. Your group can then call in and pay for their individual sites. Unused or unsold sites in your group will be automatically released through our booking system and available to the public 4 weeks before your reservation starts. Damage deposits are returned at the end of a stay. 3 night minimum for any long weekend.  All sites must be paid in full 7 days after booking.
CANCELLATION - If a group needs to cancel it will need to be done 2 weeks prior to arrival to receive a refund. A $10 transaction fee is applied for any refund. If you are not a group, you will need to cancel 1 week before your arrival to receive a fund.  A $10 transaction fee is applied for any refund.
EXTRA UNITS - Overnight extra units must pay a flat $28/night fee.
GUESTS - Day guests are always welcome. Gates close at 11:00P.M.
PETS - Pets are at Managerʼs discretion. Allowed pets must be controlled, on a leash and picked up after.
FIRES - Fires must be contained in the fire ring, and never left unattended. Do not burn live plants or dead fall. Due to the spread of nails, burning pallets is not allowed.
NOISE - Quiet hour is 11:00 P.M. At managers discretion, any excessive noise is cause for eviction.
ALCOHOL - Alcohol must be consumed at your campsite only.
VEHICLES - Vehicles must be legally parked in the designated areas. Absolutely no off-road vehicles.
FIREWORKS - Fireworks can be used only by persons 18 or older. Fireworks must be used in the designated area. No fireworks after Quiet Hour.
ELECTRICITY - Campers must not abuse electricity as part of our green initiative. See our Green Guidelines for more details.
RESPECT - No trespassing around the caboose cabins or peeking in its windows, even if you think that it is unoccupied. This is done to ensure the privacy of guests and their belongings.





Writing a green history together!

Follow these guidelines and join our revolution to help make a cleaner future.


PREP YOUR HOME: Green camping starts before you leave the driveway.

  • Make sure to turn off all lights and unplug as many appliances as possible.

  • Set your water heater to its lowest setting (or set it to "Vacation").

  • Turn down your thermostat or turn off the A/C.

  • Pack food from your fridge and pantry, don't let it go to waste.

  • Check faucets for drips and leaks, both inside your house and outside.


FUEL EFFICIENCY: Saving on fuel is not only good for the environment but it is also great for your wallet!

  • The best way to save gas is to relax the gas–pedal foot. Don't drive aggressively and don't stomp on the gas pedal.

  • When you're stopped at a light for more than a couple minutes, shut the engine off. Excessive idling also wastes a lot of fuel.

  • Maintain proper tire pressure. Not only is it dangerous to drive on improperly inflated tires because of the increased chance of failure (a blow out) at high speeds, but mushy tires will cause your vehicle to use more fuel.

  • Use the cruise control function on your vehicle, but use it only on long, flat stretches of highway.


SAVING ENGERY: Everybody enjoys the television and assorted electronic devices when living the RV lifestyle but we also want to stay mindful when it comes to conserving electricity.

  • If you’re leaving for the day or going to be outside for a while, shut off your heater or air conditioner.

  • Make use of your blinds and curtains and close up your RV before it gets hot outside. This will significantly reduce the energy needed to cool down your RV later. Never have your windows open when your air conditioner is on.

  • If it’s going to be cold, dress for the weather and have extra blankets on hand so you’re able to keep the thermostat a reasonable temperature. Never have your windows open when the heater is on.

  • When an appliance is not in use make sure it is shut off.

  • Try to use LED lights, flashlights and lanterns.

  • The most eco-friendly way you can cook while camping is over the fire. When you can, set up a grill over the open flame. It’s easy, fun, and the most “natural” way to cook while traveling in an RV.


Repeated and deliberate abuse of electricity will result in a warning, $50 fine, or eviction.


KEEP THE CAMPGROUND CLEAN: It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure we pick up after ourselves and to keep the campground looking nice for all to enjoy.

  • Try to limit use of disposable dishes, cups and utensils.

  • Pick up after yourself and dispose of garbage properly. Never burn your garbage, it stinks and disturbs staff and other campers.

  • Recycle your cans and bottles. Marked bins are located throughout the campground.

  • Pick up after your pets. If you forgot to bring bags they are available for purchase in the Campground Store.


Failing to pick up after yourself or your pets properly will result in a warning, $50 fine or eviction.


NOISE POLLUTION: Be respectful and keep noise to a minimum.

  • Quite hour is at 11:00PM but keep in mind that any excessive noise, anytime, is bothersome to others.

  • Fireworks can be used only by persons 18 or older and only in the designated firework area. No fireworks after 11:00PM.


Any excessive noise, anytime, will result in a warning, $50 fine or eviction.

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