Union Pacific Cabin

The Union Pacific sleeps up to 4. It has bunk beds, pull-out couch, Flat Screen TV, private deck and firepit.

Northern Alberta Railway Cabin

All the modern amenities and sleeps 6. Seperate bedroom with a king-sized bed. Flat Screen tv and private balconey.

Canadian Pacific Cabin

One of our guests spent the weekend at the cabins and then made this on his Minecraft game.

Aspen Crossing - Fire Pits

Each caboose has its own fire pit and BBQ.

Pets are Allowed

Pets are allowed in the Union and the Canadian. $50.00 charge for pets.

Caboose Cabins

All the caboose cabins have the original hardware from their time on the rails.


Playground is moments away from your caboose cabin.

Cupola Sleeps

Nothing better than sleeping in the cupola, it has the best views.

Evening Walks

Evening walks are amazing when your bed is in the caboose cabin

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