Polar Express™ Casting Call  2020

Hello all we have changed our audition process due to last weekend's weather and cancellation.  We are asking those wishing to audition to submit an audition video.  You have until Nov. 13th at 5pm to submit your video.  Good Luck.


You can use email (send to [email protected]), google drive link, or you tube (if you have a you tube channel).  You are welcome to audition for multiple roles.


Please state to the camera: your name, the role or roles you are trying out for.  We also need you to hold up a sheet of paper for a count of 15 seconds with the following information clearly written on it;

  • Character(s) you’re interested in

  • Contact information - Name, mailing address, phone #, email

  • Clothing size

  • Birthdate

  • Your registered audition spot (date and time)

  • Any availability conflicts (between Nov 26th- Dec 24th)


You will need to have a partner to read the other lines from the script in your audition video.

The link to the script is here; https://www.aspencrossing.com/polarexpressscript

  • Billy - Page 25 & 26 (Line 227 to 229), Page 30 (Lines 283 to 294), Page 39 & 40 (Line 399 to 406) - Also show us your excited dance when you get your present that Santa left on your porch)

  • Elves  Page 28 & 29 (Line 258 to 272) - Also show us what you would look like welcoming the train to the North Pole (are you dancing a jig, waving one hand, waving both arms, or..?)


  • Hobo - Page 11, 12 & 13 (Line 87 to 104)

  • Know it All Boy - Page 5 (Line 29 to 35), Page 6 (Line 43 to 47),  Page 9 (Line 63 to 69), Page 10 (Line 82), Page 22 (Line 204) 


    • Hero Girl - Page 5 (Line 30 to 36), Page 7 (Line 50 to 57), Page 15 (Line 188 to 121)

    • Smokey - Page 17 (Line 142 to 151) Page 17 & 18 (Line 155 to 161)


    • Steamer - Page 16 & 17 (Line 137 to 151), Page 17 & 18 (Line 155 to 161)

    • Stewards - Please do a mock table approach.  “Hi my name is ABCDEFG and I will be your steward for the evening.   Do you have any questions for me?”  Then answer the following questions; “Will we see Santa tonight?”  “Will we get to tour the North Pole?”  “Why does Billy look so sad?”, etc…


    • Santa - Page 35 & 36 (Line 348 to 359)


Thank you.  We look forward to viewing them all. 

Polar Express Casting team

This casting call is for the 2020 Polar Express™ at Aspen Crossing.

Looking for all ages, nationalities, and characteristics. Casting for Polar Express™ characters ( Santa, Chef, Elves, Hero Boy, Hobo, Conductor and many more!)

Please ensure you watch the movie before attending auditions.

Paid and volunteer positions available.

Casting main characters, support characters, and understudies. Not part of union.

Once "Submission Requirements" are met you will receive a script(s) for the character(s) you have indicated.

30-38 character spots available. Some spots will be double cast to accommodate for hours and age. Requests for flexible scheduling will be accepted. 

For more information or questions, reach out by email to [email protected].

For more information about Aspen Crossing, visit aspencrossing.com

Aspen Crossing will be presenting their 6th annual  Polar Express™ Train! 


All performers will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver to ensure they are comfortable with possible interaction with the audience. We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of both actors and audience.

 Moving Polar Express™ Reenactment


Run time: 1 hour - scheduled runs (see https://www.aspencrossing.com/polar-express for Nov - Dec  schedule)


Each car will have the same performance occur. Chefs will be assigned specific cars and all other cast members will move between all the cars. The numbers behind the characters listed below indicate how many actors will be hired to fill those roles. 


  • Conductor (3) - Tom Hanks character in the movie.  Does the opening scene before the train boards.  Punches tickets of passengers on the train.  Must be able to punch letter shapes into tickets.  

  • Hero Boy (1) - Brave, he’s growing up and has reached a point in his life when, unlike his sister, he can no longer blindly believe in the existence of things like Santa Claus. Even so, he truly wants to believe in Santa.  Character is part of the opening scene and will be performing in each car on the way to the North Pole.  Hands out bells with Santa on the return trip. 

  • Chef (7) - Chefs lead passengers on board the train, help seat them, mock read storybook, serve hot chocolate and cookies plus help people stay entertained on the way home.  "Hot Chocolate Dance" is required for all chefs.  Will have to learn a minor dance routine.  Dance is 5 to 7 eight counts and taught to you.  No dance experience is needed. 

  • Billy (2) - Doesn’t believe in Christmas. Has a dim outlook on life. Will wander up and down the train cars looking sad until he meets Santa at the North Pole. Must be small in stature, has to be able to change look from sad to happy for different portion of the train ride. Billy loads and departs the train in a separate location from all other actors when the train stops at Billy's house. 

  • Elf (10) - All ages (6-86) welcome, will board the train at the North Pole, must have happy/excited demeanour. Will be greeting the train as it arrives at the North Pole.  Acrobatic or trick abilities an asset.

  • Hobo (1) -  a strange man who lives on top of the Polar Express™ and rides it whenever he feels like it for free. He does not believe in Santa or Christmas. Will wander through the train cars making short conversation with passengers.

  • Know it All Boy (1) - very talkative, appears very smart but actually doesn’t truly know what he’s talking about. You will go through each train car spouting off random facts of trains, science, past cultures, etc... 

  • Hero Girl (1) - Appears mature, calm and friendly, she is the leader in the group. Wears hair in 2 looped braids and wears a pink nightgown. Very concerned about Billy and Hero Boy. 

  • Smokey (1) - Engineers of the Polar Express. At a stop, you will have to run through all the train cars acting like there’s a big emergency you have to go fix.

  • Steamer (1) -Engineers of the Polar Express.  At a stop, you will have to run through all the train cars acting like there’s a big emergency you have to go fix.

  • Stewards (2) - Found on all Polar Express runs.  THey are in charge of helping passengers get to seats, answer questions, a generally ensure a pleasant ride.  They melt into the background when performance is occurring in their car. You will be in charge of answering all questions and directing people to where they need to go.

  • Santa (1) - You will board at the North Pole and visit every car while handing out a sleigh bell to every passenger. - cheery, jolly, well-wishing, booming voice.


Script for character try outs can be found here; https://www.aspencrossing.com/polarexpressscript

  • Conductor - Page 4, 6, 41

  • Hero Boy - Page 4, 7 

  • Chef - Page 8 (and improv) 

  • Billy - Page 25, 26, 30, 40 

  • Elves  Page 28, 29, 

  • Hobo - page 12, 13

  • Know it All Boy - Page Page 6, 9, 10, 22 

  • Hero Girl - Page 5, 7, 15, 

  • Smokey - Page 16, 17

  • Steamer - Page 16, 17

  • Stewards - improv and answer questions about the movie (please ensure you watch) 

  • Santa - Page 35, 36



Live Rehearsal will be on Thursday, Nov.27th, Time -7:30PM

The first performance is on Saturday ,Nov. 28th.

Rehearsals and performances will be held at Aspen Crossing.



Call time will be a minimum of one hour before the event.

Performers will be released after hanging their costume from their last performance of the day.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Nov. 28th, 29th, Dec. 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 23rd, 24th 2020
Flexible scheduling submissions will be accepted.
*Actors will not be required all day. Specific showtimes TBD



Due by Nov 13th, 2020 at 5pm



Applicants need not have any formal training. We encourage all who’d like to participate to apply.



Producer - Jodie Gateman

Coordinators - Dani Hughes & Jenn Alce



Please select an audition time from the following link; https://signup.com/go/BQFbzXG 


You need to also send the following via email (with the subject “AC 2020 Polar Express Submission” to [email protected]).

  • Character(s) you’re interested in

  • Contact information - Mailing address, phone #, email

  • Clothing size

  • Birthdate

  • Your registered audition spot (date and time)

  • Any availability conflicts (between Nov 26th- Dec 24th)

  • Current photo of self


Aspen Crossing is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. 

All positions (volunteer and paid) will be considered staff of Aspen Crossing and must follow their procedures and policies.

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